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About Us

The Turkiye, Asia and Indo-Pacific Studies was founded during the 2021-2022 academic year as an initiative to provide an academic place ground for faculty members, students, scholars, and other professionals engaged with Turkiye, Asia and Indo-Pacific region. Turkiye, Asia and Indo-Pacific Studies at the Institute of International Relations and Strategic Research (ULİSA), Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University help to promote and exchange major research and educational relationships with counterpart institutions around the world. The Turkiye, Asia and Indo-Pacific Studies (TAIPS) consists of faculty and researchers at the ULİSA, AYBU with interest, expertise, or experience in the regional affairs of the Asia and Indo-Pacific region.

The Turkiye, Asia and Indo-Pacific Studies (TAIPS) serves as the focal point for information sharing related to major policy developments within the region and to Turkiye’s policy. TAIPS works with the ULİSA at the Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (AYBU) to promote bigger regional responsiveness, development, and observation. The main aim of the TAIPS is to study both Turkiye, Asia and work with the global, regional and glocal scholars and others. Accordingly, TAIPS seek research collaborations and deeper mutual understanding with the countries from Asia and Indo-Pacific region, ensuring TAIPS sit at the heart of AYBU's strategic approach.

The studies support initiatives such as hosting discussion round tables, close workshops for visiting scholars, inviting guest speakers throughout the academic year, and facilitating faculty and student participation in major conferences and research activities in the Asia and Indo-Pacific region and in the Turkiye. Additionally, the TAIPS undertakes periodic interactions with other universities across the global, regional and with major research organizations keen to Asia and the Indo-Pacific issues.

In today’s world the Asia and Indo-Pacific region have seen new activism in their diplomatic, trade, strategic, and cultural spheres where new competitions and new alignments are emerging across Asia. Paying particular attention to South Asia and Southeast Asia, TAIPS will come to appreciate that countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Singapore have a different conceptualization of sovereignty, politics, policy and foreign policy. In TAIPS research practices, we give emphasis to generating and disseminating applied Asia and Indo-Pacific knowledge in theory and practice. TAIPS core staff cover Turkiye, Asia and Indo-Pacific’s international relations, political economy, domestic politics, environment, society, and anthropology. TAIPS currently preparing projects on the comparative foreign policy between China and India; Non-Western soft power strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on Turkey; Turkey’s inward and outward investment engagement with Asia and Indo-Pacific region; And Turkey’s Asia Anew Initiative.