Institute for International Relations and Strategic Research

Mission and Vision


The main mission of our institute is to conduct interdisciplinary research to understand and explain international relations, world politics and global problems and to share the results of these studies with academic, political and social actors. In this direction, with the graduate programs conducted in the fields of security studies and humanitarian aid studies, our Institute aims to train experts who will contribute to the definition and implementation of our country's strategic goals. From the Arab Spring to the European Union, from the Islamic world to the Western world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, all international, global and local developments, transformations and processes and international politics, civilization, regional integrations, crisis, conflict, war, peace, cooperation that concerns international relations and strategy fall within the scope of our institute’s work. ULİSA's research has an interdisciplinary feature due to the multidimensional nature of international relations, especially global, political, cultural, strategic, economic and social developments in the current period.


Our institute aims to be an institute that conducts pioneering academic studies in the field of international relations and has a say in the studies conducted in our country and in the international community. It aims to contribute to the further development of Turkey's dynamic position on a regional and global scale by conducting multidisciplinary research in accordance with its mission and developing strategies based on these researches. In this framework, all issues, neighbouring countries, regions and organizations that are closely related to Turkey's entrepreneurial and humanitarian foreign policy are within the scope of our Institute's work. ULİSA tries to develop basic works, theories and ideas that serve as a scientific reference and a source of information. Through such studies and researches, it aims to contribute to the development of peace, justice, conscience, morality, cooperation, development, security, prosperity and tranquillity in our region and in the world and to the establishment of a world order based on these values.