Language Education Application and Research Center

Etimesgut Turkish History Museum and Park Trip


Etimesgut Turkish History Museum and Park trip has been organized for Turkish preparatory class international students by Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (AYBU) Language Education Application and Research Center (LEARC). During the programme, hosted by the vice-president of Ankara Etimesgut Municipality, Tahsin POLAT, attendees have been informed by the field expert guides about the Turkish history from past to present.

Students had the opportunity to visit and discover, beginning from the Scythians period, Göktürk khans and women, founders of 16 Great Turkic Empires, Seljukian and Ottoman sultans, commanders of the Turkish War of Independence, sculptures of great Turkish philosophers as well as the compositions of Ergenekon Epic, the Story of Kursad and his 40 Soldiers, Conquest of Istanbul,1453, Turkish War of Independence and the Battle of Çanakkale.

The programme, in which the Turkish history and culture has been aimed to be introduced to international students by means of art pieces, AYBU doctorate programme student from the department of history, Akerke Babyrbek, the Kazakh national, indicated that he had the pleasure to discover Turkish history via art and will be eager to contribute to Turkish history. Iraq national Waleed Samoo also indicated that he had the opportunity to meet various founders of Turkic empires, sultans and philosophers via the sculptures in the museum and he is now more curious about Turkish history.

The programme finalized with the lunch, organized as a picnic, for the attendees in Yenimahalle Yakacık picnic area.