AYBU International Relations Office

Offers for Refugees

AYBU offers various consultation services to ensure safety and education for refugees. Our university actively takes part in programs, workshops and projects in cooperation with state and private funded foundations and centres to ensure support for immigrants.

Useful Information and Links

To get in touch with AYBU Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit you should get an appointment by sending an email to pdrb@ybu.edu.tr with your names, briefly introducing the issue you want to discuss and your phone number.

You may visit the official website of AYBU Migration Policy and Research Centre: https://aybu.edu.tr/mpc/ and get information about recent AYBU activities regarding refuges and migration.

You may visit the official website of AYBU project co-funded by Erasmus + , Turkish National Agency, Republic of Turkey – Ministry for EU affairs  and others providing assistance for teachers teaching refugee children: http://www.teachers4refugees.eu/index.html