AYBU International Relations Office

Erasmus Training Mobility

AYBU International Office warmly welcomes international scholars and staff members. We believe that you will benefit from your teaching and life experience at AYBU and have the opportunity to establish new academic networks. Here is the information you need to know.

As an administrative staff member you can take part in the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility program and come to AYBU. To apply you should contact the related department at AYBU and discuss and organize your visit. You should also get in touch with AYBU International Office.


Your institution should be AYBU partner-university. You should have a good command of English. Steps you should follow:

- Apply to the department responsible for Erasmus + Exchange activities at your home institution and require information about Erasmus + Exchange Agreement between the institutions;

- Contact the department you would like to visit at AYBU and the AYBU International Relations Office and discuss possible visits and training program activities;

- You and the AYBU departmental representative should sing the Erasmus Training Program;

- Approved and signed by the representatives of both institutions, the document should be submitted to AYBU International Office;


The duration range for training activities is from one week (5 working days) to two months. The minimum training hours should be 8 hours per week.

At the end of your visit you will receive:

- Final Report for Staff Mobility including assessment of the training mobility;

- Certificate of Attendance for Staff Training Mobility ensuring that the training is approved by both home and hosting institutions.