AYBU International Relations Office

Erasmus Interns

AYBU is excited to welcome you as an incoming intern!  Please check the prerequisites:

- You should be an associate/undergraduate/graduate student enrolled in a study program at a higher education institution;

- You should have a good command of English;

* To apply for participation in Erasmus + traineeship at your home institution, an Erasmus Exchange Agreement between the universities is not required.


AYBU welcomes eligible students to every academic and administrative department. To obtain an Acceptance Letter, you should contact the AYBU unit you are willing to come as a trainee by sending a Statement of Purpose explaining briefly why you are applying. You may also get in touch with AYBU International Relations Office for further help.

Once you have been accepted and nominated by your home institution you will receive by AYBU International Relations Office the following documents to be signed:

- Statement of Confidentiality (a document that you will keep secret any personal information you have access to during your traineeship)

- Training Agreement    

Please contact us before your arrival to complete registration procedures.