AYBU International Relations Office

Internationalization Strategy

Committed to serve society by educating individuals respectful of moral and universal values who openly engage in critical thinking and decision making, Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (AYBU) prides itself on its strong international perspective, high quality research-based education and diversity. As the fifth state university in Ankara founded in 2010, AYBU is aware of its responsibilities and role as an educational leader and supporter of national and international economic development and advancement of education.

One of the principle objectives of AYBU’s Strategic Plan is to invest in broadening the scope and size of international collaborations by strengthening ties with existing global partners and building new partnerships with higher education institutions sharing AYBU’s vision and mission for high quality research-based education in service of humanity. The other primary long-term objective of AYBU’s internationalization strategy is Internationalization at Home. It aims at globalizing not only by receiving and sending students and academic staff abroad, but also by providing all AYBU students and staff with diverse, international and welcoming home campuses. Internationally focused learning as well as teaching are thus of utmost importance at AYBU and the development of curricula that recognize interconnectedness with global factors, inter-disciplinarity and change is a primary goal. For that purpose, AYBU brings together global and local students, academic and administrative staff in formal and informal informative and consultative meetings to share experience and opportunities, discuss problems, recommend solutions and engage in productive conversations. To support teaching activities in foreign languages and the production of internationally acknowledged research, AYBU offers foreign language courses in English and Arabic to its academic staff. It does also provide numerous online cooperation opportunities such as joint programs, distance learning, shared digital resources, etc. that would contribute to the globally oriented educational experience. Furthermore, as part of the Internationalization at Home strategy, AYBU recognizes the importance of an accessible and rich university library. Therefore, the university actively invests in book donation activities and development of tools collecting, analysing and distributing data, which would have direct positive impact on students’ and academic staff’s studies and research.

AYBU is confident to answer the fundamental principles and requirements of EU’s Modernisation and Internationalisation Agenda for Higher Education. The university aims at educating internationally-minded independent individuals that will answer national and international needs for high quality human capital. AYBU supports international academic and scientific research as well as learning and teaching experience by providing financial standing and innovative approach that will give opportunities to students and university staff members to participate in physical and virtual exchange and mobility activities.