AYBU International Relations Office

Internationalization Strategy





Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (AYBU) is a higher education institution that offers students a bright future thanks to its qualified education; it strives to transform a significant accumulation of tradition of knowledge and has academic, administrative, and financial qualities.

AYBU aims to qualify individuals with the critical thinking ability in the fields of science, culture, sports, and arts, and respectful of ethical values thanks to the qualified education it offers; presents the information and technology produced by the research carried out with its entrepreneurialism to benefit of the society and to provide a contribution to the development of national and international work-force with its sense of social responsibility.

Each member of AYBU is encouraged and supported through global cooperation and competition with the activities under the headings of those who receive international education, international research, and internationalization at the campus.

In this sense, AYBU has an internalization policy;

- provides and maintains cultural diversity at the campus;

- encourages interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross-cultural curriculums with the provision of an international point of view and quality consciousness in the educational activities of the university;

- increases the number of international students and academics;

- carries out joint educational and research activities thanks to the cooperation activities with qualified higher education institutions from different countries, which increases the cooperation potential of the university on the international agenda;

offers international mobility opportunities to its member and hosts the students and academicians from the partner institutions in the frame of varied programs and bilateral agreements;

- has the principle of establishing motivational mechanisms to inform and encourage its members to engage in interdisciplinary and diverse international research cooperation by organizing activities such as international projects, research, and conferences.