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2018 yIRSSI Staff: Institute Director, Research Assistants and the School Secretary
The yIRSSI aims to conduct studies for explaining, understanding and improving the changing, evolving and continuing international relations of Turkey, her surrounding regions and the world at large from the past to the present and from the present to the future, and to share the results of these studies with academic, political and social actors. The IRSSI studies have multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary characteristics due to multidimensional, multi-actor and multi-layered process of international relations, and especially of global, political, cultural, strategic, economic and social developments in present time. The IRSSI tries to generate ideas, theories and works as a source of references and information worldwide, more than dealing with current events or popular issues. By means of these products it hopes to contribute to the enhancement of peace, justice, conscience, morality, cooperation, development, security, prosperity and welfare in our region and the world, and to the construction of a new world order on the basis of these values.
The IRSSI works to contribute to the further development of Turkey’s dynamic position in her region and the world society by undertaking multidisciplinary studies in line with its mission, and developing research-based strategies in the light of civil(izational) and universal values. In this context, the IRSSI conducts scientific researches and projects, and organize academic activities and programs on: Turkey’s historical, cultural, social, political, economic, strategic relationships and all other connections; Turkey’s neighboring countries, relative communities, surrounding regions, international organizations, issues and problems concerning Turkish foreign policy; All international, global and local developments from the Arab Spring to the European Union, from the Muslim world to the Western world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific; All kinds of international formations- politics, civilization, integration, crisis, conflict, war, peace, cooperation and so on; All kinds of international interactions- be they spatial like temporal and constant, ancient and current, classical and modern, modern and postmodern forms, or physical like local and global, national and transnational, regional and continental levels.
Three levels of research are carried out to achieve the mission and the vision: (1) International politics studies: Studies on such issues, problems, developments and transformations concerning states and international organizations; (2) Transnational studies: Studies on social, cultural, religious, economic, commercial, educational and humanitarian issues and developments; (3) Strategic studies: Studies on strategic issues, problems and developments of Turkey and the world.
Graduate School Staff
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sıtkı Bilgin Institute Director, PhD. University of Birmingham
 M. Aykut KOÇAK Institute Secretary
Res. Assist. Burak BINARCI  PhD Candidate, Yıldırım Beyazıt University
Res. Assist. Serhan ÜNAL PhD Candidate, METU
Res. Assist. Tubanur Büyükçolpan PhD Candidate, Hacettepe University
Res. Assist. Gülşen YILMAZ PhD Candidate, Yıldırım Beyazıt University
The institute aims: to prepare, and carry out projects and studies appropriate to its mission and vision; to cooperate, and have joint works and programs with national and international universities, institutions, departments, and academics; to organize symposia, congresses, conferences, panels, seminars, workshops; to do academic publications- textbooks, scientific works and publications in particular; to develop and contribute to the implementation of graduate, postgraduate and PhD programs in international relations; to improve relations with political, economic, cultural, academic actors, organizations and groups.
  • “Turkish Foreign Policy: the Last Ten Years” Seminar Series
  • “Themes and Concepts: Discussion Series
  • “Philosophy, Theory and Methods in Social Sciences” Seminar Series
  • “Colloquium: Research Discussion” Series
  • “Tea&Talk in IRSSI”
  • “Partners from Anatolia” Program
  • “Problems/Solutions Workshops”
  • “Academia- Think-tank – Bureaucracy Meetings





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