Learning Resources




Hundreds of printed materials are readily available for you at the ILC:

     > Reading, writing and listening skills books,

     > Grammar and vocabulary resources,

     > Exams skills and strategy books (YDS, KET, PET, IELTS, FCE, CAE and TOEFL),

     > Graphic novels and graded readers for all levels from A1 to C2,

     > Dictionaries and reference books.



     > You need to visit ILC Reception with your student ID if you wish to borrow a book. ILC library resources cannot be taken out of the ILC. You may ask for help from ILC staff to find the most appropriate resources for you.




At the ILC, there are 19 computers all of which have internet connection. Please visit ILC Reception before using one. You are expected to get a computer card and sign the relevant sheet. On ILC computers, you may:

     > do online homework.

     > use learning software to do additional practice (Request assistance if you need help)

     > do listening practice using listening worksheets (Request assistance if you need help)

     > make use of TOEFL and IELTS resources and practice software (Request assistance if you need help)

     > reach internet-based learning resources (Request assistance if you need help)



     > If you would like to use a computer, please visit ILC Reception, get a card and sign the relevant list.

     > ILC computers can ONLY be used for learning.

     > You may borrow a headphone too with a student ID. Please do not forget to return your headphone and get your card back while leaving the centre.




The ILC is offering you hundreds of worksheets. Take one, do the exercises on it, and check your answers using the answer key at the back of each worksheet.


Here are the types of worksheets currently available at the ILC:

     > Starter (Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary)

     > Elementary (Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary)

     > Pre-Intermediate (Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary)

     > Intermediate (Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary)

     > Upper-Intermediate (Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary)

     > ILC Writing Pack

     > Proficiency Practice Materials

     > Mysteries Practice Pack

     > ILC Listening Packs (Starter - Elementary - Pre-Intermediate - Intermediate - Upper Levels)



     > Please do not forget to return the worksheets you have used and make sure you have placed it back to the right box correctly.




ILC Guidebooks are in-house ILC materials which are all given free. Some of these offer you practical tips and strategies while second language survival guides help you learn the basic expressions as well as daily vocabulary of different languages. Grab your free copies and study carefully. For further questions, learning advisors will be at the ILC to guide you accordingly.


Here are the guidebooks currently available at the ILC:

     > Proficiency Guidebook

     > Writing Guidebook

     > Russian Survival Guide

     > Chinese Survival Guide

     > Arabic Survival Guide





ILC skills and strategy pamphlets, also known as Ideas for Learning, are practical and free resources that will lead you to the most useful learning resources available on the internet and at the ILC. There are 15 types of these pamphlets ranging from mobile applications to language skills pamphlet. In addition, the other 4 types of them are aimed at strategy development in 4 language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. If you need help with filling out the self-assessment forms on these pamphlets or analyse your results, you may ask for an appointment from a learning advisor.



     > You may take your free pamphlets inside the ILC or at the ILC Cafe.

     > Learning Advisors will be there to guide you through the most effective ways to use the pamphlets.