ILC Social Activities


Are you interested in finding out more about different cultures? You will be having a good time learning more about other cultures, different lifestyles and languages in our culture days.

We are looking forward to seeing you with us!



Just like watching movies, singing will also help you improve your English. You may attend Karaoke Parties and enjoy the fun side of learning with ILC instructors and your friends! 



We love the nature at the ILC! We care about protecting the nature and work hard to welcome you in a more natural ILC every day. In our Baby Plant Workshops, we make our own plants and take them home with us. This activity is led by our foreign instructors in English.



ILC Spring Fair is organized by the members of ILC Student Council. The first Spring Fair was held on 12 May 2016 in our former Etlik Campus. Many students visited our pavilion and attended our language activities, such as card games, memory games and Karaoke. A “Certificate of Dedication” was awarded to the frequent users of the ILC. Participants had a great time on that beautiful spring day spending time and practising English with ILC teachers. 




      > You can find information about the location and time of each activity on their posters. Posters can be found on ILC Boards, ILC Blog (, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

     > As there is an attendance limit, partipicants are required to sign up at ILC Reception desk.

     > Attendance is completely free and voluntary.


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