Academic Staff Job Descriptions

Basic Duties and Responsibilities of Instructors: 

1. Instructors are bound to be liable to their administrative units.
2. Instructors give significance to team work and they work with other team members in harmony.
3. Instructors should have the full knowledge of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
4. They should teach English Language to students.
5. They should be a supportive guide to students in the process of learning English.
6. They need to motive students, help them love English and prepare a relaxed learning atmosphere.
7. They need to build relationships with students based on mutual respect and trust.
8. They need to encourage students to use the Independent Learning Centre effectively.
9. They need to have the full knowledge of the materials, software and other teaching materials. And they should guide students how to use those materials.
10. They need to enable students to have portfolios with the aim of helping them keep the record of their learning process. They also check the portfolios regularly and give constant feedback.
11. The need to inform students about the English's being and an international language. They should make them notice its importance in business life.
12. Instructors should be fully aware of the structural and functional differences between Turkish and English so that they can teach the students how to cope with these differences.
13. The techniques of learning to learn and teaching to learn should be integrated in classroom activities to raise the consciousness of students and to have a fruitful learning and teaching atmosphere.
14. From the first class of the semester, all instructors are expected to inform the students about the goals and aims of the preparatory program and the curriculum. They also need to emphasize the importance of "learning to learn". 

Other Duties and Responsibilities of Instructors: 

1. Applying the curriculum and the syllabus in an effective and orderly fashion.
2. Regularly preparing for the class s/he is responsible for.
3. Keeping track of time during lesson and being punctual.
4. Participating in the Evening Education, Lecturer Development Program(OYP) or other projects assigned by the Management.
5. Invigilating the exams applied by the School of Foreign Languages.
6. Completing the extra tasks on time, such as curriculum development.
7. Attending the general or group meetings regularly.
8. Assessing and grading the students' written and verbal exams.
9. Observing the students' process, taking notes about them and preparing materials if needed.
10. Reporting the cheating or cheating attempts in the exams.
11. Informing the testing unit about the pacing of the curriculum in the meetings
12. Monitoring the student's absenteeism and informing them.
13. Suggesting and developing materials and software that can be used in Independent Learning Center (ILC) 
14. Uploading the grades in numbers and letters to the online system.
15. Monitoring the students who are absent regularly or all the time and informing the management about them.
16. While working in the Independent Learning Center, warning the students or asking them to leave if they are not following the rules.
17. Accepting duties after completing the 12 hours obligatory teaching (according to the law about extra hours) (for Turkish Lecturers only)