Mission and Vision


The primary objective of the School of Foreign Languages is to provide English language education to its students, thus ensuring that the students use English effectively in their academic studies and professional lives, in line with the quality requirements applied at international level for today's foreign language education.

To that end, the aims and objectives related to "learning - teaching - assessment - evaluation", as established within the "Common European Framework for Languages" are applied under the school curriculum by a professional academic and administrative management.

Programs have been prepared, focusing primarily on general-purpose and academic English at the preparatory school and secondarily, with a view to ensure continuity, on professional English that fulfills the English requirements at undergraduate and post-graduate levels for the relevant faculties and departments of Yıldırım Beyazıt University educating in English.

With the purpose of giving support in addition to the in-course educational activities through the experienced and qualified academic staff of the School of Foreign Languages, an "independent learning center" and a "teaching and learning center" equipped with the state- of-the-art education technologies offer services to undergraduate and post-graduate students.


Our vision is to achieve overall quality in higher education with the help of its operative technical infrastructure and competent academic staff, to integrate modern approaches, methods and techniques in language learning with our objectives and purposes, to create always and easily accessible course resources for our students and to become one of the schools with well-developed academic features.