Our School Welcomes Tony Gurr for a Leadership Seminar!

Our School of Foreign Languages welcomed Tony Gurr, Chief Learning Officer from Momentum, for a two-day professional seminar entitled “Leading from the Middle: An Introduction to Management and Leadership Issues in ELT” with precious contributions by Harun Harput, Head of Tertiary from Pearson. 


The two seminars (held on November 23 and December 11) aimed at carrying our School, our projects, and our performance a step further in the most productive way by the guidance of Tony Gurr and discussions held during the training. Several issues related to qualifications of good leadership, superior-subordinate relationships, effective communication, crisis management, time management, and mindfulness were discussed in detail, and Mr. Gurr shared lots of invaluable advice with the attendees. 


The second day of the seminar ended with the attendees receiving their certifications from Tony Gurr himself.  Our School of Foreign Languages is looking forward to having Mr. Gurr again for similar programmes in the future.