AYBU International Relations Office


For visiting students

In the near future AYBU will have its own on-campus student accommodation. The construction of the dorms started in 2019 and is expected to finish and open for students by 2023.  For the time present AYBU International Office takes the responsibility to arrange private dormitories for incoming students. Students interested in private dorm accommodation should inform the Erasmus Coordinator after the incoming student selection has completed.

Private dorms in Turkey are rooms offered to students which are usually gender divided. Dormitories often have full-time directors and fixed rules to be followed such as entrance time restrictions (for example, students are supposed to have come by 11 pm at the latest). There are usually study rooms, sport centres, canteens and kitchens for student use. Although private dormitories are off-campus, transportation by municipality buses, private minibuses (dolmus), metro and regular university bus shuttles (from campus to campus and some key destinations) run regularly weekdays and weekends. Shopping centres, medical centres, banks, bakeries, restaurants and cafes are located near the campuses and near the dorms. Fees are in Turkish Liras and usually the payment is monthly. The fees vary from accommodation to accommodation but the range is from 600 TL to 1200 TL per month.

An option for incoming students is to rent a flat with furniture. In this case you will have to pay monthly bills (electricity, water, Internet, gas, etc). The rents vary from 800 TL to 2500 TL according to the number of rooms and location. The monthly bills usually range from 200 TL to 500 TL. Interested students should make their own arrangements. However, they can still get advice from the Erasmus Coordinator and the student who will assist them.

For visiting academic staff

AYBU offers the incoming staff members on-campus accommodation. Available are 10 apartment units at Etlik Campus. Each unit is equipped with beds, bookshelves, refrigerators, internet and telephone connection. With prior notice units for married staff are available too. Close to the campus is Antares Mall - a shopping centre with many stores, dining and entertainment options as well as a Metro Market and many bakeries, restaurants and cafes. Fees vary from 300 TL - 500 TL per week.