AYBU International Relations Office


Choose AYBU because of our Educational Values:

- High quality of education at every level;

- Student oriented, analytical and innovative education;

- International approach: educational activities that encourage global perspectives and respect to national and international values.


Choose AYBU Because of Our Research Values:

- Academic autonomy;

- Interdisciplinary approach;

- National and international research collaborations.


Choose AYBU Because of Our Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship Values:

- Social awareness and support oriented approach to national and international development;

- Promoting entrepreneurship to students and university members.


Choose AYBU Because of the Social and Economic Opportunities AYBU Offers to Students and Faculty Members:

- Part-time jobs and internship opportunities for students;

- Participation in educational seminars and extra-curriculum courses and symposiums;

- Over 99 clubs.


Choose AYBU Because of the Many Physical Facilities such as Laboratories, Research and Application Centres, Sport Centres, etc.  

Choose AYBU Because the Official Language of Teaching is English in More than 69 Programs;

Choose AYBU Because of the Multi-cultural Atmosphere, Global Networks and Activities;

Choose AYBU Because AYBU Offers Academic, Professional and Personal Support;

Choose AYBU Because AYBU Offers a Programme and Place for Everyone;

Choose AYBU Because With AYBU You can be Part of Making a Change and Shaping the World.