Our Ideals and Goals

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► The Institute of Health Sciences wants to be a pioneer in the protection of community and environmental health.



► To provide a high standard, quality research environment


► To provide academic knowledge transfer from scientifically advanced countries.


► To ensure that research theses are questioning, exploring innovation and R&D comprehensive.


► To provide research opportunities to a quality student community that reflects different national and international societies.


► To provide adequate research environments,


► To provide publication support.


► To instill a questioning social awareness and a deep sense of justice and compassion in postgraduate academic staff.


► To promote the unity of ideas and to place the idea of developing value-added products that will make an immediate contribution to national development.


► To integrate academic mentality with national and spiritual values.


► To create the climate of Anatolian concepts such as "AHI" that may feed the soul of all humanity.


► To take measures to strengthen the formation of local and national character and belief in order to catch modern time and development.


► To provide an educational and social culture environment that is sensitive to local and national mentality.


► To contribute to the spread of Turkish products to the worldwide


► Providing service with a quality support staff


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