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Dear Researchers, Academicians and Students of our Institute;


                Although our institute is very young, we are proud to be able to create a significant number of curriculum and research environments in health and interdisciplinary since 2010.


                 I wholeheartedly believe that our institute's academic research will increase the ranking of our university and will be of high value in terms of quantity and quality in the upcoming period. I consider it important to organize researches in accordance with the 2023 targets of our country and especially in the content of R&D.


                 We have a world health problem called Covid-19 ahead of us. There is no doubt that this affects our research deeply. However, every crisis also brings opportunities. I can remind you that researches should be carried out on the processes of Covid-19 and possible pandemic diseases.



                  I hope you have a year of research in health, prosperity and peace...


Prof. Dr. Seyfullah Oktay ARSLAN


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