Göç Politikaları Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi

General Info

General Info

The center was established in AYBU in accordance with the decision published in the official gazette on 29 April 2015 (29320 issue and published on the official gazette) with the aim of carrying out researches on the fields of scientific and academic activities by using the possibilities of different disciplinary fields for developing policies and strategy recommendations.

To monitor the migration movements and human mobility to Turkey and from Turkey to foreign countries, the ones which occur in Turkey and to conduct researches, project for preparing reports on these issues.

To carry out joint scientific and academic activities with national and international public/private institutions and organizations in the different areas of migration and human mobility such as internal, external, mandatory, voluntary migrations, mass and general human movements, work and worker movements.

To carry out internship and training activities within the scope of objectives.

To provide consultancy, expertise and similar services to national and international institutions and organizations on migration and human mobility issues.

To make comments and suggestions on policy decision-making on migration and human mobility.

To organize and participate in joint or individual seminars, symposiums, panels, conferences, workshops, congresses, forums with other relevant actors and partners.

To create archives and libraries on migration and human mobility issues.

To provide domestic and foreign experts with the opportunity to work within the framework of the studies.

To organize certification programs for the purpose of the center.