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Call for Partnership for Academic Study

Call for Academic Studies Partnership

Dear Researcher,


As a result of a comprehensive study of three years, we have invented a new test. The article concerning the test has been published in an international journal. (Erel O, Neselioglu S., A Novel and Automated Assay for Thiol/Disulphide Homeostasis, Clinical  Biochemistry  (2014),  doi: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2014.09.026). 

   We strongly believe that the method/test has the potential of producing new information and original concepts not only in the fields of clinics, but also in the field of biosciences. Since it is still the first and sole test in the world, as it can be easily foreseen, the projects, thesis, workshops and publications to be focused on this study will have the qualities of originality and innovation.  

   In this context, under the leadership of YBU Faculty of Medicine and Atatürk Education and Research Hospital, we are calling you to academic study. We aim to share the possibility of studying on this test, doing attribution to the test, producing original publications of high potential with all researchers of our country. Thus, we believe that the workshops and publications to be done at our country will guide the studies to be done by international researchers and provide the advantage of being ahead and pioneer in the competition to occur in this area.

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Özcan EREL


Here is the link to access the article:




Patient Group on which the study will be applied

The number of sample  (It is suggested to have more than 10% of the planned sample.) :


Place of study:


The Parties:                


       Researchers to take part in the clinical group:              Signature

      1.                                                                                     …….

      2.                                                                                     …….



      Researchers to take part in the analythical group:                       Signature

       Prof. Dr. Özcan EREL                                                                         …….

       Specialist. Dr. Salim NEŞELİOĞLU                                                       …….. 



1- Ethical council report will be provided by our institution or your institution. During the applications to ethical council, all researchers have to take place.

2- The names of all participants will be included on the posters, publications, patent and any products of the study.

3-The analysis costs of the test will be provided by our institution.

4-The results of the samples submitted to us by the researchers for analysis will be announced within a week as SSPS or Excel data.

5- The researchers who are not a member of our institution and would like to participate in the study are supposed to send their samples via cargo within a styropor boxes with a dry ice.

6- The researcher who conducts the study wlil be the first name in the publication.



Prof. Dr. Özcan EREL 

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Medical Biochemistry Laboratory

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