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Master Schoalarship by South Korea Government 2014

Master Scholarship by South Korea Government 2014

Master Scholarship by South Korea Government 2014 will be given to siz students on condition that the application documents are sent to Pukyong National University (Busan, South Korea).

For Application

For more information, you should either read “2014 GKS Graduate Programme Guidelines or visit this website:

Since we have Mevlana Protocol with to Pukyong National University, our students may apply to

To apply to the scholarship, you need to be a Turkish citizen and healthy enough to receive long education in Korea. Those who are Korea-Turkish students have drug addiction or HIV, cannot apply.

The applicants must not be over forty from September the first onwards

During the application, the applicants must have bachelor’s degree or master diploma or be able to get any of these diplomas by 31st of August 2014.

The one who will have been a graduate by 31st of August can apply with a document stating that h/she will have been a graduate till that time and hand in the diploma till that date.

The average grade of alma mater must be 80 or more out of a hundred.

The exam result of the exams such as TOPIK, TOEFL, IELTS provides additional mark. For this, the applicant has to hand in the exam result.

The applications of those who have bachelor’s degree in Korea or have been in Korea through student exchange programmes is unacceptable.(In other words, the application of those who have been in Korea with D2 visa is unacceptable.)

The applications of those who made use of student exchange programme are acceptable on condition that they will hand in a document showing that they are about to graduate.

The graduates of KGSP who have more than level 4 TOPIC exam result and the ones advised by Korea Cultural Centre can apply once more.

Those who are the descendants of Korean veterans will be given additional mark. Those applicants must certificate this.

Important Points

·         Only one original document must be sent (No need to copy),

·         The conditions that must be obeyed to prepare the file must be obeyed.

·         The documents sent for application will not be given back.

·         The applicants must apply only to the universities and departments indicated in “2014 GKS Graduate Program Guidelines (English- Korean)

·         The application of those who hand in fake documents will not be accepted even if they are given right for scholarship and they will not be able to apply for a Korea Government Scholarship.

·         Only those who are given right for the scholarship are supposed to translate their Turkish documents into English or Korean and get notary public approval.

·         Those who do not have passport are supposed to send their passport copies after they have right for scholarship.

·         Self introduction and study plan must be written on word with 10 size as one page.

·         Students can apply via the university.

Address to send application documents:

Pukyong National University

45 Yongso-ro, Nam-gu

Busan,608-737, south Korea

Tel: +82-51-6296846