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The Opening Meeting of GAP-IOS Project that is Coordinatod by AYBU and Granted by EU was held

The opening meeting of “Golden Age Platform: Inclusion of Senior Citizens to Virtualized Environments with Lifelong Learning Facilities Project” that is granted by European Union in the frame of Erasmus+ Adult Training and to be carried out by Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University was initiated with the opening speech of Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aydınlı. Rector of Ankara University Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar and Deputy Mayor of Municipality of Altındağ Abdurrahman Karabudak also took part in the meeting that was held online. The objective of the project that brings 7 partners out of four countries such as Municipality of Altındağ, Ankara University, YAŞAM, Association for the Retired of Turkey, Open Evidence (from Spain), Proportional Message (from Portugal), Iserundschmidt (from Germany) together is to provide a digital training platform to enhance active participation of the elderly to social life via lifelong learning. The objective of the project that is carried out by Prof. Dr. Seldağ Güneş Peschkein with her research team in which Prof. Dr. Nildağ Başak Ceylan, Prof. Dr. Ayhan Kapusuzoğlu, Research Assistant Burcu Çataloğlu, Research Assistant Anıl Yüksel, Research Assistant Özge Oğuz took part in is the active and sustainable participation of the elderly to social life with the support of the vehicles of lifelong learning and online trainings in the fields of law, finance, health and pastime activities.