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Outstanding Developments of the Year 2020 at AYBU



Academic Success

1.     AYBU was ranked as the third among 95 universities established after the year 2000 in accordance with the ranking by University Ranking by Academic Performance. AYBU raised to 34th rank from 39th among all universities. 

2.     AYBU Faculty Member of Faculty of Law Assoc. Dr. Ersin Erdoğan was entitled TÜBA Copyrighted Work Award of the year 2020 with his book “Legal Force Effect of Arbitraments”.

3.     AYBU Faculty Member of Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Özcan Erel was presented “TÜSEB Aziz Sancar Science Award” that is presented to scientists who have provided internationally significant contribution to science. 

4.     AYBU Faculty Member of Faculty of Law Assoc. Dr. Ersin Erdoğan was presented Young High Achiever Scientists Award of Turkish Academy of Sciences”.

5.     AYBU Student Team called Digital Association was presented grant award in Teknofest 2020.

6.     454 articles of AYBU were published within the first 9 months of 2020 in the journals that are available in “Web of Science”. Certificates of achievement were presented to the academics whose articles had been presented in these journals. 

7.     Prof. Dr. Erol Arcaklıoğlu, Prof. Dr. Adem Çiçek and Retired Lecturer Özcan Konur from AYBU Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and Prof. Dr. Özcan Erel from AYBU Faculty of Medicine were listed among the most effective scientists of the world.

8.     Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Seldağ Güneş Peschke was awarded with supraliminal award in two projects with which AYBU has partnership In the call of Science with and for Society in the scope of Horizon 2020 by TÜBİTAK.


National and International Re--De Projects, Agreements and Reports 

9.     The project of Faculty Member of AYBU Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Oktay Algın whose budget is 36 million Turkish Liras i MR and Stroke Clinic RE-DE Centre (GİMRİKAM) was accepted by Presidency. 

10.  The main contract of «PandeVITA» that is supported by European Commission in the scope of Horizon 2020 was signed by AYBU Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aydınlı and AYBU Faculty Member of Faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Seldağ Güneş Peschke.

11.  “GAP-IOS” in the scope of Erasmus+ Adult Training Strategic Partners Activities Program and Lifelong Learning and Participation to Social Life of The Elderly Project was granted by. European Commission.

12.  International agreement was signed with Oş State University located in Kırgızistan. 

13.  International agreements were signed in the scope of “KA107 Erasmus Plus Program”, “Memorandum of Understanding” and “Mevlana Exchange Program” were signed with 8 universities in Uzbekistan.

14.  Academic collaboration agreements were signed with defense industry such as TUSAŞ, HAVELSAN, ASELSAN, ROKETSAN. 

15.  Cooperation agreements were signed with Confederation of HAK-İŞ, Confederation of Memur Sen Unions (Memur-Sen) and Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (TÜRK-İŞ). 

16.  AYBU Faculty Member of Department of Civil Engineering prepared an assessment report concerning the earthquake of İzmir Seferihisar.

17.  AYBY ULİSA prepared “Artificial Intelligence Strategies and Turkey” report.


Diigital Innovations and Academic Developments

18.  AYBU Academic Data Management System (AVESİS), Scientific Research Project Processes Management System (BAPSİS) software, University Management Information System: Program Assessment Module and Academic Motivation Grant Process Management System (ATÖSİS) were started to be utilized.

19.  Distance Education was offered by AYBUZEM. Education was offered via distance education with the participation of the lecturers and students in 4974 cyber classes (with the participation of 990 lecturers and 18740 students).

20.  AYBU Faculty of Sports Sciences was established.

21.  AYBU Faculty of Architecture and AYBU Faculty of Fine Arts were brought together under the name of AYBU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts and continued education in this name. 

22.  Sub-fields of International Strategic Researches were structured. Security Studies Master Program was opened. 

23.  Digital/Hybrid University Thought Platform was established.

24.  Higher Education Council (YÖKAK) Assessment Program Meeting was held. 

25.  Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Virtual Tour was opened to the use of AYBU website.


Physical Developments in AYBU Centers and Campuses 

26.  Social Policies and Civil Society Application and Research Centre was established. 

27.  North of Ankara City Platform was established.

28.  Carrier Planning and Management Application and Research Centre started to function actually. 

29.  Construction of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application and Research Centre at AYBU Çubuk Campus was completed. 

30.  Wellness Centre Project for the students of AYBU Esenboğa Campus and Esenboğa Campus Main Entrance Project were prepared. Studies were initiated for main entrance. 

31.  The project of the mosque that is going to be constructed at AYBU Esenboğa Campus was prepared.

32.  Esenboğa Campus has been a nature and animal friendly; smokeless and without-barrier campus.

33.  Tree planting activity with the theme of the map of Turkey was at AYBU Esenboğa Campus held by Turkish Republic Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on an area of 21.825 square meter whose opening was done by Dear President. In addition to this, 5000 trees were planted by AYBU.   

34.  Studies to remediate Azman Stream were initiated. 

35.  Construction of student dormitory of Credit and Dormitories Institution whose capacity is 5000 students was completed. 


Scientific and Social Studies concerned with Covid-19 

36.  A laboratory was allocated to Turkish Republic Ministry of Health in the scope of the struggle against corona virus. 

37.  Hygiene Committee was established in the scope of the struggle against corona virus. Video of hand-washing in different languages were prepared; informative meetings were held both for students and staff; online broadcasts were published; sub-fields of hygiene committee were established and supervised.

38.  A10 Thousand Face Shields produced at AYBU were presented as a gift to Ankara City Hospital and other hospitals as well as 5 municipalities located in the northern part of Ankara. 

39.  “Coronavirus Epidemic and its Effect on Turkish Economy” was prepared.

40.  A report entitled “Covid-19 and After: An Interdisciplinary Approach” was prepared.