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Activities that have been carried out at AYBU within a Year (from 24th of May 2019 till 24th of May 2020)



1. In order to take inventory of academic activities of AYBU and to create a sustainable quality process, Academic Data Management System (AVESİS) has started to be utilized. 

2.  Scientific Research Project Process Management System (BAPSİS) software has started to be utilized.

3. “University Management Information System: Program Assessment Model” (ATÖSİS) developed with the purpose of enhancing Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) and internal quality security systems of the university has started to be utilized.

4.  Academic Encouragement Payment Process Management System (ATÖSİS) has started to be utilized.


5. AYBU Faculty Member has been presented “TÜSEB Aziz Sancar Science Award that is presented to the scientists who have provided significant contribution at international level to science.  

6.  AYBU Faculty Member has been presented, High Achiever Young Scientist Award of Turkish Academy of Science (TÜBA-GEBİP).

7.  AYBU has been ranked 15 among the universities in Turkey in academic support and interest category of ÜNİAR.

8.  AYBU has been ranked 5 among 95 universities established after the year 2000 in the ranking prepared by University Ranking by Academic Performance.

9.  AYBU has been the first and only state university authorized to offer “Basic Training of Cabinet Crew”.

10.  602 national and international activities such as symposium, workshop, panel, congress and etc. have been held. 

11.  The scientific branches of Graduate School of International Relations and Strategic Researches have started to be structured. Security Studies Master Program has been opened.

12.  Strategic Plan of Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University 2019-2023 has been reprepared. 

13.  Technology Transfer Office (AYBU TTO A.Ş.) has been established.

14.  Family and Society Studies Application and Research Centre has been established.

15.  Entrepreneurial MR and Paralyses Application and Research Centre has been established.

16.  Ankara Researches Application and Research Centre has been established.

17.  Continuing Education Centre has been established.

18.  Esenboğa Campus has been turned into a campus without barrier.

19.  Smokeless Campus project has been activated.

20.  4 thousand bushes have been planted at AYBU Esenboğa Campus under the name of ‘Breath to Future”.

21.   MR and Paralysis Clinic RE-DE Centre (GİMRİKAM) project whose budget is 19 million Turkish Liras has been admitted by Presidency Head of Strategy and Budget.

22.  Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Bin Muhammed has been presented honorary Ph.D. 

23.  National Artist Ahmet Özhan has been presented honorary Ph.D. in the field of Turkish Religious Music.

24.  A type of plant discovered in Afyonkarahisar as a result of the studies carried out by AYBU Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application Centre Afyonkarahisar has been named after Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar who was presented a Nobel Award.

25.   National and international protocols have been signed in the fields of education and culture with many countries and institutions especially those placed in Uzbekistan and Malaysia.

26.  Academic collaborations have been done especially with defence industry in such as TUSAŞ, HAVELSAN, ASELSAN, ROKETSAN.

27.  Food Technology program and Laborant and Veterinary program has been opened.

28.  10 Thousand Face Shields produced at AYBU have been presented as a gift to Ankara City Hospital and other hospitals in Ankara as well as 5 municipalities located in the northern part of Ankara. 

29.  Laboratories have been allocated to Ministry of Health in the scope of struggle against coronavirus. 

30. “Coronavirus Pandemic and its Effects on Turkish Academy” report has been prepared.

31. Hygiene Committee has been established in the scope of struggle against coronavirus; appropriate hand-washing videos in different languages have been prepared; informative online live broadcasts were done to the students and staff; subgroups of Hygiene Committee have been held and supervisions have been done.

32.  AYBU has been promoted to the world in different languages in The Voice of Turkey Program of TRT in which Dear Rector and international students took part.

33. Esenboğa Campus Student Life Centre and Esenboğa Campus Main Entrance projects have been prepared.

34. Digital/Hybrid University Thought Platform has been established.

35. Education Agreements have been signed with 8 universities in Uzbekistan in the cope of “KA107 Erasmus Plus Program”, Memorandum of Understanding and “Exchange Program”. 

36. North Ankara City Platform has been established.

37. AYBUZEM Distance Education System has been given start via AYBUZEM. Education has been given in 4975 Virtual Classes with the participation of 973 Instructors and 18131 Students.

38. The Project of the Mosque to be established at Esenboğa Campus has been prepared.