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“Ergonomic Face Shield and Mask” Support to Health Staff by Turkish Researcher

With the purpose of putting an end to the pains caused by long term use by health staff, academicians and students of Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University came up with a new design in face shield and mask apparatus.  


During his sppech he delivered to the reporter of AA News, Assistant Professor Faruk Mert from Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (AYBU) Vocational School Three-Dimensional Modelling and Animation Program stated that with the purpose of taking part in the collective production movement against new type of coronavirus in Turkey, they have been supported scientifically by the administrative body of AYBU, in their design for the face shield demanded by health staff.

Mert, who stated that in this scope they have worked on the problems on the face shields that were sent to health staff initially, have done necessary revisions and came up with an ergonomic and original design that can be utilized by health staff for a long time, said that “in the revived version in order to protect the eyes of health staff better top side of the face shield has been closed. Also, to prevent the pains of health staff on their prefrontal areas, padding with silicone has been applied.” 


Face Shield on Serial Production


Face shields production has been given start via three dimensional printers which produce almost 35 shields in a day. Mert said that after the delivery of face shields to health staff, the demand for it increased and so they started to think about alternative solutions for it.  He added that with the support of AYBU Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aydınlı, they have speeded up their studies. 

Mert stated that by giving start to the serial production in face shield, that have reached a capacity to be able to produce 2 thousand face shields in a day. He added that it has been decided to meet the demand of health staff by delivering 5 thousand face shields to health staff especially to the health staff of Ankara City Hospital.


New Designs for the Needs


Mert pointed out that in their struggle against coronavirus pandemic, health staff has additional demands as well and so they are doing new designs for a more comfortable usage of surgical masks. He said that “health staff are complaining about surgical masks for their irritation on the ear after a long-term use. Thanks to the apparatus we have deigned, health staff will be able to use these masks without encountering any problem. Samples for this apparatus have been produced via three dimensional printers, but since there is a great demand, serial production has not been given start yet.”

Faruk Mert put an end to his speech by stating that in Turkey’s struggle against pandemic, they are doing more than just applauding health staff; they are giving full support to them.


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