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Intensive Turkish Courses (Online Education & Educational Videos Offline )

International students to study in Türkiye in the programmes of higher education institutions of whose medium of instruction are Turkish, should demonstrate their Turkish language skills with a C1 level Turkish certificate. As C1 level Turkish certificates can be awarded following the courses, they can be directly acquired with Turkish Exam for Foreigners as well. The said course lasts for 120 hours. 60 hours out of 120 hours consist of offline video courses, prepared by field expert academicians, in which Turkish grammar (from A1 to C1) is discussed comprehensively. The remaining 60 course hours consist of online courses. Online courses focus on developing reading, listening, writing and speaking skills of the students and the courses help finding out their lack of knowledge and overcome their deficiencies to perform better in Turkish Exam for Foreigners. Sample question evaluations are carried out and practice tests are held as well. Course attendees should sit for an exam following the end of the courses. They are awarded a B1/B2/C1 level course completion certificate, based on their performance on the exam. Those students to have failed or those who want to upgrade their scores, have the right to take the exam for the second time and it is free of charge. In order to best benefit from the course, you must have at least B1 level of Turkish.







Online courses for 60 hours

Offline video courses for 60 hours

Three weeks in total

Right to take “Turkish Exam for Foreigners” twice.

B1-B2-C1 course completion certificates


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