Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University

A Decision by AYBU Senate on 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall Semester


Dear Scholars and Dear Students,  

The education of the youth whom we regard as the assurance of our future in the best way as possible has always been the main priority of AYBU.  However, due to the struggle against epidemic, AYBU students have been deprived of face to face education. Similarly, AYBU Campuses have been devoid of the happiness of the students. Anyway, we know that there is always lightness after any problem. We have the enthusiasm to welcome our students after a long break.  

In the scope of the decisions of AYBU Senate taken on 26 August 2021, all education activities of AYBU including AYBU School of Foreign Languages and short-cycle, bachelor and graduate programs of AYBU will be carried out in the line with the directions indicated below: 

  • In the line with developments in the time of COVID- 19 global epidemic which is a dynamic process, recommendations of Turkish Republic Ministry of Health and Science Council of Coronavirus, precautions of gradual normalization process of cabinet of Presidency, in order to protect AYBU Students and Staff, by taking infrastructure and campus capacity of AYBU, maximum 40% of theoretical courses will be offered online and remaining theoretical courses as well as applied/laboratory courses will be offered via face to face education. 

  • In order to offer courses via rotate education or reduced number of students, considering conditions, quality, educational environment, future of epidemic, syllabus and planning as to the examinations will be announced by each academic unit before course registration date.  

  • After global academic, great importance will be given to academic consultancy and guidance services for adaptation to the university. 

  • Since the beginning of educational activities of AYBU, vaccination card or HES code of the individuals will be checked or PCR test whose sample was given maximum 48 hours before will be demanded. 

  • In order not to hinder face to face education, great importance will be given to the application of masking, social distance and hygiene under the guidance of Guidance for Development of Healthy and Clear Environments at Higher Education Institutions published by Higher Education Council of Turkey. 

Finally, we kindly invite you all without delay to be vaccinated to move on face to face education and maintain it by reminding the importance of social immunity. With the hope to meet in a successful and happy educational period in the coming academic year, we wish you all healthy days.