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An Interview by AYBU Student Enes to Sabah Newspaper: I am not disabled I am a special person

An Interview by AYBU Freshmen Student of Vocational School Department of Graphical Design Enes Bayraktar to Sabah Newspaper;

Enes Bayraktar is a nineteen years old a freshmen student of Ankara University Department of Graphical Design suffering seriously from cirrhosis… He is a young person in a wheelchair. Enes standed against all the obstacles and had always been in pursuit of his dreams saying that “my disability cannot be an obstacle to my life”. He reached his goals thanks to his arms which pushed his wheelchair. Currently, he is struggling against these obstacles in his school days. Education is his biggest love…



He met cirrhosis at the age of one

He was one year old when he faced with cirrhosis disease. Enes, who stated that he has undergone many surgeries for 18 years, said that “I am an only child and I faced with cirrhosis disease at the age of one and since then I have been spending my life at physical medicine service. I have undergone numerous surgeries and since my muscles cannot stand, I cannot undergo more surgeries. I was brought up in difficulties. My parents struggled to bring me up with minimum wage and make a good life for me. They gave great support to me. I suffered a lot, but did not give up. I will overcome my obstacles and be a hop for the others”.

It is a kind of sport for him…

Enes encountered social obstacles faced by the disabled too. He was not admitted to the school and some schools asked him to climb up to the fifth floor despite having no elevator and said “it is difficult for him to receive education; take him home.” He standed up to these obstacles and climbed up the stairs of success one by one. He was admitted to high school education as the top student of the school. Currently, he is attending his university education at Çubuk District from Altındağ three days of the week. He goes to school by pushing his wheelchair with his hands if the weather is fine. If the weather is no good, he is taking the bus halfway to the school and continues to push his wheelchair with his arms. He says he does not feel tired to do it and it is a kind of sport for him. 



He gifted the power chairs gifted to him to those who need it more than him.

We asked him why he is not provided a powerchair which will make it easier for him to go to school faster and easier and Enes told us that “I don’t need help. I just want people to be more tolerant to the disabled. The benevolent people gifted me a powerchair a few times, but I did not accept them and gifted them to those who needed it more than me”.

Enes helps people who are in need

Enes Bayraktar loves his school and receiving education. He says no obstacles in his path for education tires him. He goes to school at the crack of dawn among the crowd and rush of the city on the wheelchair. He says he is not disabled, he is special and adds that he is pleased with his situation and loves to live. Enes Bayraktar works to support his family during the times after physical therapy and education. As a graphical designer, he does graphical design on the internet. Furthermore, he helps people who are in need via the associations to which he voluntarily supports.


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