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AYBU is going to Train Researchers for Defence Industry

Signature Ceremony for Researcher Training Program was organized at AYBU Faculty of Engineering and

AYBU Rector Prof. Dr. Metin Doğan and Dean of AYBU Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Prof. Dr. Veli Çelik delivered a speech during the program.

Before the signing ceremony, Deputy Undersecretariat of Undersecretariat of Defence İndustry Celal Sami Tüfekçi, Head of Administrative Council of HAVELSAN Prof. Dr. Abdullah Çavuşoğlu, Deputy Director of TAI Assoc. Dr. Fahrettin Öztürk, Administrative Director of Technology and Innovativeness ASELSAN (Military Electronics İndustries) Zafer Dokuzoğlu, General Director of METEKSAN Tunç Batum delivered their presentations.

The program to which AYBU Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. M. Fatih Uşan and Prof. Dr. F. Vehbi Çelebi, students and academicians participated in came to an end after the d-signing ceremony.

With the protocol, AYBU Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences has been entitled to train researchers for defence industry. 


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